Exotic Japanese Flavors Elegant French Style

Kumo Specials

Chilean Sea Bass
(Kitchen Entree)
Spicy Girl Roll
(Kumo Special Rolls)
Crazy Roll
(Kumo Special Rolls)
XO Grilled Shrimp
(Kitchen Entress)
Foia Gras
(Kitchen Entree)
Yellowtail Salad
Hot Stone Beef
(Hot Appetizers)
Soft Shell Crab
(Hot Appetizers)
Tuna Tataki
(Cold Appetizers)
Chicken Katsu
(Kitchen Entree)
Tuna Tartare
(Cold Appetizer)
Bluepoint Oyster
(Sashimi A La Carte)
Grilled Scallop
(Hot Appetizer)
Sashimi Deluxe
(Assorted Platter)
Lobster Teriyaki
(Kitchen Entree)
Fried Ice Cream
(Kumo Dessert)
Tiramisu Glass
(Kumo Dessert)
Chocolate Souffle
(Kumo Dessert)

Cold Appetizers

  • $5.00Oshinko
  • $9.00Sunomono
  • $10.00Sushi Appetizer (5pcs)
  • $12.00Sashimi Appetizer (6pcs)
  • $12.00Yellowtail Jalapeno
  • $11.00Tuna Tartare
  • $11.00Tuna Tataki
  • $12.00Black Pepper Tuna Tataki
  • $10.00Crystal Appetizer (4pcs)
    Kani, shrimp, avocado, mango all rolled in rice paper
  • $12.00White Tuna Fusion
    8 pcs seared white tuna with house spice, black pepper, plum & wasabi sauce.
    Finished with a drop of sriracha
  • $12.00Tuna Pizza
    Tortilla topped with tuna, avocado, tobiko, eel sauce & spicy sauce