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Kumo Specials

Chilean Sea Bass
(Kitchen Entree)
Spicy Girl Roll
(Kumo Special Rolls)
Crazy Roll
(Kumo Special Rolls)
XO Grilled Shrimp
(Kitchen Entress)
Foia Gras
(Kitchen Entree)
Yellowtail Salad
Hot Stone Beef
(Hot Appetizers)
Soft Shell Crab
(Hot Appetizers)
Tuna Tataki
(Cold Appetizers)
Chicken Katsu
(Kitchen Entree)
Tuna Tartare
(Cold Appetizer)
Bluepoint Oyster
(Sashimi A La Carte)
Grilled Scallop
(Hot Appetizer)
Sashimi Deluxe
(Assorted Platter)
Lobster Teriyaki
(Kitchen Entree)
Fried Ice Cream
(Kumo Dessert)
Tiramisu Glass
(Kumo Dessert)
Chocolate Souffle
(Kumo Dessert)

Kumo Special Rolls

  • $11.95Godzilla Roll (8 pcs)
    Spicy tuna, crunch & tobiko inside, topped with avocado
  • $12.00Snow White Roll (8 pcs)
    Spicy Tuna, mango & crab meat inside, topped with white tuna, served with
    eel sauce & miso sauce
  • $13.50Sweettheart Roll (8 pcs)
    Tuna, spicy tuna, mango & avocado inside, wrapped in soybean paper.
    Topped with chili sauce
  • $12.95Spicy Girl Roll (8 pcs)
    Spicy salmon, tuna, yellowtail & avocado, crunch inside, wrapped in soypaper,
    topped with tobiko & spicy mayonnaise
  • $12.95Lovers Roll (8 pcs)
    Spicy tuna, eel, avocado & white tuna, wrapped with soy bean paper, topped with eel sauce
  • $13.95Manhattan Roll (8 pcs)
    Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, topped with spicy tuna & eel sauce
  • $13.95Crazy Roll (8 pcs)
    Spicy crunchy tuna & avocado inside, topped with black pepper tuna, scallion &
    crunch on top with eel sauce
  • $12.95Lobster Roll (8 pcs)
    Cooked lobster salad, white tuna, avocado, crunch inside & white seaweed paper outside
  • $12.95A & S Roll (8 pcs)
    Spicy yellowtail, asparagus & crunch inside, topped with salmon, tuna avocado & tobiko
  • $13.95Out of Control Roll (8 pcs)
    Crunchy spicy tuna roll, topped with eel and avocado, served with spicy mayo & ell sauce
  • $15.95Lonely Angel Roll (8 pcs)
    Black pepper tuna and asparagus roll topped with tuna, salmon, eel, yellowtail, crunchy and different flavors of tobiko, served with honey wasabi sauce
  • $14.95Good 4 You Roll (8 pcs)
    Spicy crab and avocado topped with lobster salad and mango
  • $12.00Black Thunder Roll (8 pcs)
    Kani, spicy tuna & mango inside, deep fried. Topped with black tobiko,
    eel sauce & spicy mayonnaise
  • $13.95Fire Roll (8 pcs)
    Lobster salad, crabmeat and mango inside, spicy tuna and crunch on top w. ell sauce
  • $13.95Tropical Roll(8 pcs)
    Spicy tuna, white tuna, avocado & crunch inside, topped with tempura banana,
    tobido & miso sauce
  • $13.95Ocean Roll (8 pcs)
    Tuna, salmon & avocado inside, topped with lobster salad &tobiko
  • $12.95Phoenix Roll (8 pcs)
    Salmon & tuna inside, sweet shrimp, avocado, tobiko on top an wasabi mayonnaise
  • $12.95Red Bull Roll (8 pcs)
    Spicy tuna, deep fried salmon, white fish & asparagus inside, wrapped with
    soy bean paper. Served with eel.
  • $12.95Kumo Roll (8 pcs)
    Lightly or deep fried white fish, asparagus, crab meat & eel inside, seaweed
    outside, eel, miso, spicy mayonnaise
  • $13.95Lobster Tempura Roll
    Lobster tail tempura, avocado, cucumber & lettuce inside, topped with tobiko & eel sauce
  • $15.95Kumo 3 (8pcs)
    Fried Lobster, Mango, Avocado, Spicy Tuna & Eel Sauce topped Tiger Seaweed & White Condensed Milk
  • $12.95The Green Roll (8 pcs)
    Spicy tuna, salmon, tomato, avocado, crunch inside, wrapped in soypaper,
    topped with tobiko & spicy mayonnaise
  • $13.95Hot Roll (8pcs)
    Spicy Tuna, Cucumber topped Yellow Tail, Jalapeno, Wasabi Roe & Grape Fruit Sauce
  • $12.95Crystal Roll (8pcs)
    with yellowtail, scallion and shredded radish inside. Topped w. assorted white fish and Kumo homemade special sauce
  • $12.95Diana Roll (8pcs)
    Spicy crab, mango, avocado inside. Topped with tuna, mayo sauce and red tobiko
  • $23.00Lobster King Roll (8 pcs)
    Eel, crabmeat, avocado & cucumber inside, topped with steamed whole live lobster tail & eel sauce
  • $14.95Tiger Roll (8 pcs)
    Eel, crab meat & cucumber inside, topped with fried banana, avocado & eel sauce
  • $14.95New City Roll (8 pcs)
    Shrimp tempura & cream cheese inside, eel & avocado on top with eel sauce
  • $13.95Poseidon Roll (8 pcs)
    with salmon and avocado inside. Topped w. toro, black tobiko and scallion
  • $13.95Golden Dream Roll (8 pcs)
    with shrimp tempura and apple inside. Topped w. spicy salmon, orange tobiko and eel sauce
  • $12.00California naurto
  • $12.00Rainbow naurto
  • $12.00Spicy tuna naurto
  • $12.00Spicy salmon naurto
  • $12.00Tuna naurto
  • $12.00Salmon naurto
  • $12.00Yellowtail naurto
  • $12.00Shrimp naurto